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Friday, August 24, 2007

I moved to

Hey all, good news! I moved my blog to my very own domain yay! So now this blog is hosted at and had a whole new look. So I'll see you there. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

List of Current Mineral Makeup sales

Here is a list of a few sales being offered right now on Mineral Makeup and Cosmetics:

  • 20% off until the end of the month. 10% of the profits will be going to the American Heart Association. Code: Louie
Milan Minerals:
  • Save 30% when you spend $30 or more code: School07
  • Spend $20 or more use code: Milan15
I am pretty excited about the Lumiere one, I really love thier brushes. Their synthetic Kabuki is the nicest one I've seen, so now is a goo time to stock up!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Best Budget Beauty Finds

I just love a deal! And there are so many deals to be had out there if you aren't shy of doing some internet shopping.
Here is a list of my favourite budget beauty finds (so far, Keep checking back as I'm sure that this list will grow):

Mineral Makeup:
  • Everyday Minerals: Custom kits, Starter kit. This kit contains everything you need to get started in using mineral makeup. It comes with 1 brush, 2 foundations, 1 blush or face colour, 1 concealer, and 1 finishing powder. This is the brand that got me addicted to Mineral Makeup. I love their original glo foundation, and their blushes go on so subtle. My only advice when ordering this kit is to avoid purchasing the kabuki. I have heard poor reviews on their kabuki's I would suggest instead, purchasing the fat-top as a part of the kit. Although not my favourite brush (It doesn't even compare to Lumiere's kabuki) it is my favourite EDM brush. (Rumour has it that Everyday Minerals will be coming out with a line of synthetic brushes, so keep your eyes peeled) This kit is a great deal at under $30 (at the time of this post). Oh yeah and they offer a free sample kit (a must to find your foundation colour, as I find that they colour swatched on their site aren't accurate)
  • Taylor Made Minerals: Ok, so their website isn't very pretty, i know. But don't let that stop you. They have an amazing selection of mineral makeup eyeshadow colours. Just click on "eye pigments," most pigments are under $4 in price so go crazy . They also offer generous samples for $0.75 to $1.25.
Cosmetic Brushes:
  • Coastal Scents: Check out their brushes, they offer a tonne of brushes for great prices. Some are better than others, but for the price you can afford to take a bit of a risk. i have the crease brush and the badger hair buffer brush and a love both.
Fragrance & Fragrance dupes:
  • Pittsburgh Street Soapworks: I found this company while looking for an alternative ti Falling in Love by Philosophy. I lived the scent just not the price. I heard through the grapevine that they carried a line of Philosophy dupes. So I bought some samples (see previous posts) and I have loved the quality. They offer a wide array of fragrance dupes for more than reasonable prices. This site is also a little difficult to navigate, and they don;t offer a shopping cart (you have to email them) but perservere and you will get some great products for an amazing price.
Please not that all of the prices may have changes since posting this.

I hope you get some use out of my growing list of beauty deals. I'm sure this list will grow with time!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pittsburgh Street Soapworks

I received my Pittsburgh Street Soapworks order today, and the smells are to die for! I haven't had the opportunity to try them all yet but the ones I have tried have great staying power! I applied a few scents before my morning shower (in case I didn't like them) and even after my shower I could still smell them. So far I have tried:
  • Eqyptian musk- can't say that I like this scent too much, I'm not a huge musk fan but I though that I would try it. It's a softer scent than I expected.
  • Citrus Spice - This is a nice cheery scent if you like citrus smell than this is a must-have
  • Vanille Abricot - I LOVE this scent, the vanilla scent stays so pure (I find that a lot of vanilla scents smell artificial on me, and therefore make me head-achy) but this scent smells like vanilla even after it had melded with my skin. This is my fave so far (but I do still have 9 scents left to try).
Pittsburgh Street Soapworks offer sample packs of 6 small mister viles of fragrance for a reasonable price, so you can sample before you buy. They also offer all kinds of bath and body products. As soon as I narrow down my favourite scents I'm putting in an order of their Complete Bath Set (great deal) and a few more solid perfumes.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

FOTD and CS brushes

I got my brushes in the mail today from Coastal Scents, I have to say that I'm very suprised of the quality of the brushes for the price. They both have a nice weighty feel and are quite soft and full. I purchased the badger flat top and the crease brush. It was a great buy for the price!

Here is my first face of the day, all you girls are so pretty I have to admit that I feel a bit intimidated. But here they are anyways:


  • Monistat anti-chafing as primer
  • EDM medium in original glo
  • EDM medium concealer
  • EDM blush Nick Nack
  • Wet and Wild Mega Slicks in Rose Gold
  • Bonne Belle lip liner in toast

  • Joelle's (me) Nude Peach (wash)
  • Joelle's Sunset (crease)
  • Joelle's Smooth Grape (wide liner)
  • Lure Beauty's Hazelnut (thin line)
  • Lure Beauty's Hazelnut as a brow filler.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pittsburgh Street Soapworks

My Pittsburgh Street Soapworks ghost cart is no more. After days of agonzing over the miriad of scents I finally setled on 12 to try and 1 full sized to buy. Here is my order:
15 oz. Net Wt. Solid Perfume~$6.50 in Head Over Heels

Lot of 6 misters (your choice of scents) WITH product order...3.50

  1. Almond Coconut
  2. cupcake
  3. Amour de Cacao
  4. Creamy Coconut
  5. Egyptian Musk
  6. Gingerbread
Lot of 6 misters (your choice of scents) WITH product order...3.50
  1. Un Bois Vanille
  2. Princess
  3. True Bliss
  4. Citrus Spice
  5. Pink Sugar
  6. Vanille Abricot
I can't wait to get all of those smells!

On another note I finally made some more eyeshadows. My sister was no so subtly hinting that she wanted some more next time she came to visit. Aparantly she's been getting a few compliments on the colours she's worn. Here is a pic of what I made today:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Couldn't Resist

I've gone and ordered 2 new brushes that I absolutely, positively, definately not not need I am now the proud owner (at least when the mail arrives I will be) of 2 new brushes from coastal scents, a badger flat top and a new crease brush for a grand total of under $10. Who could resist that kind of a price?

I have now completely given up on OCM. I'm convinced that it was the oil breaking me out. I have now switched over the using St. Ives Renew Cleanser with Alpha Hydrox and my skin is almost totally cleared up (YAY). Too bad OCM wasn't for me though I really liked the idea.

I'm still eyeing the Azulene Veggie Cream from GOW (Sample Program is up and running now. Ohhh Nooo $$$) and thanks to Ruby2 I have now discovered Pittsburgh Street Soapworks and have an imaginary ghost cart with 12 samples of their misting perfume (they have a dupe of Philosophy's "Falling In Love" (another Ohhhh Nooo $$$$$). I am definately going on a no-buy. after this